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In 2010, Bisera’s first idea for fashion embodying ethnic elements is born. 


The main source for her inspiration are the traditional garbs of the Balkans.
This ethno and boho style is to become a recognisable feature of the label. 


After its naming in 2017, the brand Ethno Pearls was completed by a professional graphic artist with a self-designed logo.
In July 2018, Ethno Pearls officially became a registered trademark in 


Bisera Tasić, born in Switzerland.

Thanks to her grandmother, who worked part-time as a seamstress, and her mother, who thus also involved herself in the tailor’s trade, Bisera developed a keen interest in creative hobbies such as drawing and sewing from a very early age on.

This shaped her sense of beauty and aesthetics and hence emanates her dream job
to be a fashion designer.

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